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How to Keep Your Employees Engaged

- April 16, 2024

We’ve already talked about how in 2024, Gen Z is expected to overtake Boomers for the first time in the workplace, but what does this mean for keeping these generations engaged at work? Here are just a few quick tips:

  • Overshare information. Keeping people informed is the first step to driving better engagement. Aim to communicate frequently, consistently, and clearly. It doesn’t have to be fancy or complicated — just use all the tools you have available like reminders, alerts, rewards, meetings, and surveys.
  • Show impact. All employees want to know and see the impact their work is making, particularly the newest generation of workers, so help them draw the connection to what they’re doing and how it helps the business.
  • Lean into community. See how you can lean into your new, digital native workers to build online and in-person communities and keep people connected and engaged.

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