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We're Watching These 5 Business Trends in 2024

- January 15, 2024

There’s no doubt that 2024 will bring with it change. But we know that with good planning and by staying focused, you can help steady the course. Here is what we believe to be the five big trends, or things to keep in mind, throughout this year.

Embrace AI. While it might have seemed like a buzzword in 2023, we’re reaching a point where companies will need to learn how to work with and embrace AI or risk falling behind the competition. Now is the time to determine how you want to use AI safely and offer guidelines for your employees as well.

Put people first. From both customers and employees, the experience that people have with your brand in 2024 will matter. Employees are reporting burnout and customers are choosing brands more closely with limited funds to spend. Make sure their interactions with you are memorable – for all the right reasons.

Continue using your budget wisely. While many are calling for a soft landing in 2024, it will still be critical to keep budgets under control. Consider outsourcing tasks that can be time-consuming and difficult for employees as a way to free up resources and minimize room for error.

The workforce will change. In 2024, Gen Z is expected to overtake Boomers for the first time, according to Glassdoor. So far, we’ve seen from this generation a high interest in transparency and diversity, equity and inclusion at the companies where they work. They’re also a bit more vocal than their older colleagues, so you may need to think through how you can best meet their needs in 2024 (and beyond). 

Cybersecurity remains critical. Each year, we see a rise in the number of cybersecurity attacks, particularly on small businesses. Make 2024 the year that you get your security in check.


We look forward to what this year will bring and continued growth, prosperity and innovation for us all.