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Payroll Services

made for any size business

No more headaches managing the complexities of payroll, taxes and compliance all by yourself. We have your back.

40+ years of service

Payroll is one of the most complex areas to understand and balance with other business responsibilities. Everything must be on time, and there is no room for error.

That’s why for more than 40 years our Payroll clients have turned to us for help. We’ll work closely with you to understand and then manage every need and challenge. Our full line of Payroll services ensures we have a product or solution for anything that comes your way.

CPU Payroll
services include…

Direct deposit

We’ll set up direct deposit for all your employees, even those without a bank account

Pay cards

Pay cards are alternative form of payment, and act similarly to a debit card preloaded with the amount an employee earns

Daily pay access option

With daily pay, employees can access earned funds whenever they need them. Help your employees when they need it most.

Complete tax service

We file your 940, 941, W-2 and W-3 information to the proper tax agencies each quarter and at the end of the year. We also handle federal, state and local taxes

Web-based access

No matter where you’re working from, you can login to our Workforce Management system online to access and view everything you need

Special checks

We can handle special checks for garnishments or child support

Comprehensive reporting

Our tools and software offer comprehensive reporting so you have the data you need

Employee portal

Employees can login from anywhere, including a mobile device, to view and access the information and tools they need

With two offices in Missouri, CPU provides Payroll services to businesses of all sizes in more than 25 states.

Workforce Management

At CPU, we understand that Workforce Management can be one of the most tedious areas of running your business. Not to worry – we are here to help. Our wide variety of solutions makes Workforce Management quick and easy for you and your employees. Whether you’re in the office, working remote or some combination of both, we have the solutions you need.


Our timekeeping tools are easy to use and can be accessed anywhere, anytime.


We’ve got all your scheduling needs covered.

Accrual Management and Tracking

Don’t stress anymore about accrual management and tracking for employees.

Employee Time Off Requests

Easily manage employee time-off requests through our software.

Mobile Access

Remote working is no problem with mobile access.

Applicant Tracking

Never stress about hiring again. We’ve got it all covered.

New Employee Onboarding

Adding new employees is a breeze with our onboarding system.

Smart Touchscreen Clocks

Smart Touchscreen Clocks make timekeeping easy, peasy.

Employee Portal

We offer a portal to help your employees manage things like timekeeping and paystubs.

Want to Find Out More?

Talk to one of our dedicated Payroll service specialists today.

Supplementary Payroll Services

CPU is proud to offer a variety of supplementary Payroll services to enhance your business and employee experience.

Pay Cards

We can help you convert 100% of your employees to electronic pay, even those without a bank account. With pay cards, employees receive a card with their earned amount. It’s a great benefit for employees and also helps to reduce payroll expenses.

Daily Pay

Sometimes waiting for the next paycheck to come in can be tough. Especially now. There’s a way you can help. Allow employees to access their wages for already worked hours with daily pay.

Employee Financial Wellness

Help alleviate the outside stress of managing finances by offering your employees a variety of tools and educational pieces that assist them in meeting their financial goals.

Pay-As-You Go Workers Comp

We offer a simple time and money saving solution to Payroll and Workers’ Compensation in one integrated, pay as you go program.

Background Checks

Speed up your hiring process with instant and affordable background searches and employment screening solutions. Our check scans a wide variety of records, including national criminal background searches, social security number validation, multi-state sex and violent offenders search, and is quick, easy to use and doesn’t require any set up fees or monthly minimums.

Looking for expert level, worry-free Payroll Services for your business?