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Restaurant Owners, Young Professionals Turn to CPU

- February 7, 2020

After more than 40 years of business, CPU knows that companies have similar needs and complex challenges when it comes to Payroll, IT and Voice services. But often what makes each business unique are the owners behind the scenes and the unique experiences, strengths and abilities they bring. We particularly enjoy working with the emerging business leaders in our community, including John Eric and Vanessa Klein.

The married duo own 36 Restaurant, Seis Amigos, are partners in BG’s Olde Tyme Deli and just recently launched Klein Hospitality Management (KHM). With restaurant veteran Bryan Suntrup at the helm, KHM specializes in the business side of restaurants and works with each client to ensure success. Their growing portfolio of restaurants and businesses keeps them endlessly busy, but one thing they never worry about is payroll.

“When we first started our business, I had no clue what to expect from a payroll service or even how to do payroll. I reached out to CPU for payroll services and they have helped me ever since. It has been a great relationship,” said John Eric. “When we started KHM, CPU was there to guide us through getting set up with hardware, software and as a business.”

Being free of payroll allows them to stay focused on day-to-day tasks, looking for new talent to join their team and giving back to the region.

People and community are an important part of their business, and one they enjoy very much. They love the discipline required when owning a business and continually strive for excellence. For them, being business owners is a challenge, but an exciting one.

“We didn’t predict that owning our own business would push us to expect excellence from ourselves all the time,” said Vanessa. “It has made us work harder than we ever imagined and strive to lead our businesses to new heights with continued great service and food.”

CPU is truly proud to partner with John Eric and Vanessa, and can’t wait to see what the future holds for these bright emerging leaders.