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How to Save Time Managing Your Remote Workforce

- July 9, 2020

As we began to get to back to work, or are returning to the workplace, trends are showing that businesses are pivoting to new ways of operating. This includes allowing employees to work from home, coming into the office on flexible hours and remote work. Even if you’re not one of these companies, you may be looking for ways to improve efficiency in your workforce management.

CPU has an all-in-one solution that integrates with payroll to meet your workforce needs. WorkforceHUB helps you streamline and manage the entire employee journey. Features include:

  • Hiring and Applicant Tracking that helps you find and hire the best candidates faster and with less effort.
  • HR Management that assists you in organizing the employee life cycle and effortlessly managing HR tasks to create a more engaged and productive workforce.
  • Time and Attendance tracking that reduces labor costs and eliminates payroll errors.
  • Employee Scheduling that makes scheduling and shift planning faster and more efficient.

What’s more, with WorkforceHUB, managers and employees can login from their home office with full access to all functions. This means your business can run just as effectively from the office, home or on the road. Employees can also login from their smartphone to access punch clocks, schedules and HR engagement functions. Geofencing, IP restrictions and informative map-based punch location reports provide assurance that your employees are working where they need to be.

WorkforceHUB eliminates the need for duplicate data entry, transcribing timecard data or printing check stubs. Payroll processing takes minutes instead of hours and employees get secure, immediate access to pay stubs and payroll history, anytime, anywhere.

If you’re ready to save time, money and effort on your workforce management, get started with WorkforceHUB by giving us a call at 573-334-2420 or reaching out.