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Have you done an IT security audit this year?

- May 31, 2021

As you finish up your office spring cleaning, don’t forget the most important item on the list! It is strongly recommended to perform an annual security review of your IT network.

With over 300 million ransomware attacks in 2020 (an increase of 62 percent from the previous year),  IT security measures now need to be a top priority for any organization.

Important questions as part of your internal IT security audit include:

  • Is your firewall configured properly and updated with the latest firmware?
  • Do all computers have active and up to date antivirus software?
  • Do all users have strong passwords in place?
  • Is multi-factor authentication being used?
  • Is there any email security product implemented to prevent phishing, spam, and identity theft?
  • Do you have a good daily backup of your critical business data, both on-site and in the cloud, as part of a disaster recovery plan?

The last bullet is probably the most important of them all. If your systems get compromised, or if your building gets hit with a natural disaster, a good backup will enable you to fully recover your business operations in a timely fashion. Various sources estimate that 93 percent of businesses that were unable to recover their data within 10 days after a disaster were forced to file for bankruptcy within a year.

The good news is that 96 percent of businesses with a disaster recovery solution in place fully recover operations.  So don’t delay, make sure to complete an IT security audit today!