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App Overload – And Why It’s a Big Security Issue

- May 23, 2023

Do you hear it in your sleep? That “ping” from an incoming Teams message. Or how about that nagging update icon on your Chrome browser? The one that’s now red as a not-so-subtle reminder that you’ve been putting off the security update for far too long.

It’s true. The number of apps and web tools workers use on a day-to-day basis has increased over the past few years. It can be overwhelming to keep up with everything, which is where the risk to your company comes in. Let’s take a closer look at how this happens.

Employees Start Ignoring Updates
When digital alerts interrupt the workday, it can feel like you’re always behind. This leads to ignoring small tasks that are not as time-sensitive – things like installing the latest security update. Employees may feel like they have more urgent needs or aren’t sure how long updates will take, so they ignore them. But when this happens, their device and your network become at risk and are more likely to suffer a successful cyberattack.

Employees Reuse Passwords (and They’re Often Weak)
Along with the growing number of applications in use is the required number of passwords. And the more accounts someone must create, the more likely they are to reuse passwords. It’s estimated that passwords are typically reused 64% of the time. Credential breach is a key driver of cloud data breaches as hackers can easily crack weak passwords. When your employees are overwhelmed by apps and use the same password several times, it puts you at risk.

What’s the Answer to App Fatigue?
We’ve entered a new way of working, but there are strategies you can put into place to help relieve this app fatigue.

  • Streamline your business applications to eliminate unnecessary tools
  • Have your IT set up notifications
  • Automate application updates or push through mandatory updates to each device
  • Open a two-way communication about alerts

Contact CPU today if you’d like help implementing any of these strategies.