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Avoid an IT Fire Drill!

When to start planning for a business server refresh?

Industry standard server replacement is 3 to 5 years.  We at CPU begin the refresh discussion at the 4-year mark to plan for the capital expenditures and server project.

Why can't I let my server run for 6 years or even longer?

Servers run 24x7x365 days a year, and just like your car, parts overheat, wear out, slow down, fail, and ultimately need to be replaced.  Old servers have a greater chance to cause interruptions to your business and loss in revenues.  After 5 years, you will be facing diminishing returns.  Why keep investing time and money in maintaining an old server that may no longer be keeping up with your business needs.  


The challenge is to make the decision to refresh before it is too late.  We often we see businesses stay with their old server way past its life expectancy.  The server eventually crashes, throwing everyone into fire drill mode.  Work grinds to a halt, mission critical applications are not available; Email may be down; sales stop; invoicing stops; work orders stop, and yet you still must pay your staff, whose productivity is basically zero.   A new server is rush ordered, costing more money for both the server and the express delivery.  Install of the server is done as fast as possible, often requiring techs to work after hours and over a weekend, thus increasing the labor costs dramatically.  

The bottom line is that a crashed server can cause major damage to your business.   And we are not talking hours, but possibly days of downtime.  And you had better hope you have a solid recent backup, or your business could really in trouble.  Expediting the project with data recovery could cost an additional 25% to 40%.

This is a dramatic no-win scenario every business can and should avoid with proper planning and guidance.  

The Right Approach?

The right approach is to properly plan for your server refresh.  And that starts by taking a fresh look at your business requirements and asking a lot of business and technical questions including:

  • Are your core applications still the best option for your business?
  • Are there software upgrades or new versions of your applications?
  • Are your core applications provided in a cloud environment (i.e. Software as a Service)?
  • What other core applications make sense to move to the cloud (i.e. email, file share)?
  • Can you move to a virtualized environment instead of using dedicated servers?
  • How much disk space is the company using today? 
  • How much will your data grow in the next 5 years?
  • Is your firewall up-to-date or is at end-of-life?
  • Is your data backup working properly? 
  • Are there more cost-efficient options available for both on-site and off-site backups?
  • Do all or some of your staff need remote access?
  • Do you need to replace any old workstations?
  • Should you upgrade any workstations to Windows 10?

These are a few of the important "server refresh" questions that need answers.  And to answer them properly it takes time and planning.  Meetings must take place, software vendors need to be involved, server configurations need to be explored, and pricing options need careful consideration.   These are important parts of the process that get thrown out the window if your old server crashes and causes a fire drill.  

A planned refresh will save you a lot of money (and a lot of headaches) while also improving your day-to-day operational performance with a high-level of business continuity.  So, avoid the fire drill -- when your server turns 4 years old start planning for a refresh to your server environment.  You will be glad you did.

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Unfortunately, most companies find out the hard way.   That the issue with their computer systems -- the issue that brought their company operations to a screeching halt -- could have been prevented.    
  • No disk space left on a server:  email stops working because there is no space for the incoming emails.
  • Viruses are not detected and quarantined:  computers crash and it takes days to restore to a clean backup (or even longer with an archive).
  • Backups are failing:  important data is not being archived in case of a disaster.
  • Disk drive fails on a server:  that server is down until a new disk drive is purchased and installed.
  • Patches are not up to date:   a new virus is able to exploit your data
And the list goes on.

When bad things happen like this to a network, the term used in our industry is called "break/fix".   Something breaks on our client's network, and then our expert CPU technicians go in and resolve the problem.  CPU is the fix.  

But there is a better way.   CPU has a program called NetCare 2.0 that is all about proactive monitoring and catching issues before they happen  -- a preventative approach to taking care of your computer network.  NetCare 2.0 provides 100% monitoring capabilities for our client's servers, workstations, firewalls, switches, storage and pretty much anything else on their network.

To find out more about NetCare 2.0, please email us today at or call the CPU office at 573-334-2420.   

 NetCare 2.0




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It's Monday morning at the office and while your PC is booting up you go and grab some fresh coffee from the break room.  You return with your cup of joe ready to start the day.   Your first priority is to finish the monthly status report you started on Friday.  Your boss already gently reminded you it was due today when your paths crossed at the breakroom -- and you informed her she should have it in her inbox shortly.   With a sip of coffee you double-click the word document to open it and to your surprise, the message below pops up:

CryptoLocks Screen Shot

You quickly look at other files and to your dismay you see that all your files have been hit.   Not sure what to do, you walk around the office to see if any of your co-workers are having the same problem.  The good news is they are not -- it appears isolated to your machine.  Your boss tells you to call the computer experts over at your friendly neighborhood IT company.   You get patched through to Alan, and based on the description, he warns that it looks like your workstation has been hit by ransomware.   Alan asks you to immediately unplug the machine from the network, shut it down, and then Alan will come by and take a look at it.

A few hours later, Alan gives you an update confirming you’ve been hit with a nasty ransomware virus and talks through your options.  Option 1:  You could pay $2500 in bitcoin and maybe get your data back.  Option 2:  Alan could try to see if any tools out on the market will decrypt the data.   Option 3:  You could revert to a recent back-up of your data.     

The boss didn’t want to pony up over $2500 with no guarantees (justifiably so), and you find out that your backups had stopped working over 3 months ago because of an unknown disk space issue.  So that left Option 2.   It took a few days, but Alan was able to recover about 25% of the files. Alan then swiped the infected machine clean and restored the operating system to its normal state. The good news was that one of the files Alan saved was your monthly sales report!  Plus many of your working documents were found in the old back-ups. They were a bit outdated but better than starting from scratch.   The bad news was you basically lost about 3-4 days of productivity in dealing with this issue,  your reports to your boss were late, and more time will be lost as you bring old document version up-to-date.  What a Monday!

While this is a hypothetical scenario, don’t make the mistake of thinking this can’t happen to you.  Here at CPU we have seen customers hit by ransomware first hand, and it is an extremely frustrating "in your face" type experience we wish none of our clients would ever have to go through.

Education within your organization is your first defense.  To that end, the goal of this article is to share information about the real-world dangers of ransomware along with practical advice to help avoid falling into such a disastrous scenario.  So make sure you don't have a Monday like described above by sharpening your ransomware defense skills with the useful information provided below:

  • Ransomware Is Prolific. Companies need to recognize that ransomware is rampant and only getting worse -- with 50% of all cases occurring in the U.S.  In the news, it seemed like hospitals were bearing the brunt of ransomware events, but no industry is safe from an attack.  In reality, every company should have a plan in place in case a ransomware attack does occur on their network. 

Top 10 Countries hit with Ransomware

  • Ransomware Types.  At this moment there are two primary types of ransomware viruses that can impact servers, workstations, laptops, and now even tablets and smartphones.  The first is "Lock Screen" which prevents users from gaining normal access to their computer.  The second is a "Crypto-Virus" type event which encrypts many or all of the files on the users local and connected network drives.  It is called ransomware because the criminals want the companies to pay a ransom (usually in bitcoin) to remove the virus.
  • Methods of Infection. The methods attackers are using to spread their ransomware on unsuspecting users is getting more and more sophisticated.  The first ransomware attacks came from user's opening attachments from email -- and is still the most common approach today.  But hackers are finding new and innovative ways to distribute their ransomware malware using other technologies.  For example, recently there was a malware advertising campaign that used legitimate web ads (i.e. Hugo Boss) to launch a flash executable download that resulted in computers being exposed to CryptoLock.   The user simply clicked on what gave every indication as a legitimate ad on a legitimate website, and boom, their data was encrypted and the ransom notes began.   Really scary stuff.
  • To Pay Or Not To Pay.  While the FBI recommends not to pay, it is important to consider that most people who pay the ransom do get their data back.  This is somewhat of an honor code among thieves – after all, if the crooks didn’t hold up their end of the deal then there would be no incentive to pay the ransom in the first place.  So unlocking the data is a key aspect of the criminals business model.  While paying to get your important data back may seem like an attractive option to some, in many ways this is a short-sighted decision.  First, knowing that your company pays ransoms means it probably will be on the short-list for another attack.  Second, your ransom payment contributes to the growth of the overall industry.  At CPU, we recommend a proactive approach by investing in your security and backup systems rather than having your data held hostage by the bad guys.

The quick bottom line:

  1. Educate your staff.
  2. Be careful (extremely careful) what you click.
  3. Make sure you have a proper backup solution in place.
  4. If you don’t have one already, formalize a ransomware action plan for your company.

If you have any more questions about ransomware, or would like to know what else you can do to help protect your network and important data, feel free to send us an email at or call us at 573-334-2420.

Ransomware Tips from our partner TrendMicro:

TrendMicro Ransonware Tips






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