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WFM: More Than Just Another Acronym

Back in 1977, CPU, Inc. started a business line that was identified as simply Payroll.  And now, some 40 years later, people in the surrounding business community still see CPU as a “Payroll” company.   But we all understand that the business world today has grown increasingly complex and the management of employees has gone way beyond the weekly paycheck.   Way, way beyond.    And the industry terms referring to employee management has evolved over time as well.   Human Resource Management or HRM.   Personnel Management or PM.    Human Resource Information Systems or HRIS.     And now Workforce Management or WFM. 

So why is WFM so important?

First of all, WFM represents a fundamental shift in thinking from a traditional HR mindset:  WFM can be viewed as highly strategic in nature for the employer while at the same time a much more personalized connection point for the employee.   WFMstems from the belief that the stronger the professional relationship between employee and employer (from prospecting to onboarding to career growth) has a direct correlation to the employee’s overall performance for the company.   The better the relationship the better the performance.   And while this sounds like a no brainer, the devil is in the details.  To be able to foster and grow those personalized relationships in a repeatable fashion is no easy task – and that is where a successful WFM deployment comes in to make the important relationship building process effective and repeatable.

Second, WFM is comprehensive in scope and essentially acts as an umbrella methodology to HRM, PM, and HRIS.   This bigger picture view of managing employees enables a number of key outcomes:

  1. WFM enables a personalized employee experience since “one process” is, figuratively speaking, holding the hand of that employee as they transition through various phases within the company (applicant, candidate, new hire, developer, manager, etc).

  2. WFM enables related technology to be integrated and streamlined (i.e. no more silo apps) thus providing major cost savings in both IT procurement and management. 

  3. WFM provides both micro (single view of the employee) and macro views of personnel data that enables businesses to better understand over employee performance (resulting ultimately in better decision making).

And finally, WFM embraces change.  It has to.  The world moves faster today than back in 1977 when CPU first started.   Technology is evolving by the minute.  Employees' lifestyle needs are more complex.  Business environments are in constant flux.    And as all these dynamics and more evolve and intermix, the established working culture stemming from WFM— where your employees are recognized as your greatest asset — will feed off change instead of fight against it.

Want to learn more about how WFM can help transform your business?   Contact Mike Unverferth today for a free consultation.  Mike can be reached at 573-334-2420 or   We look forward to hearing from you.

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  • We rely on CPU to provide our Professional Payroll Service and Network Technical Assistance. They provide professional guidance and expertise and are always courteous and responsive. Our staff counts on CPU Inc for quick and reliable solutions for our day to day operations here at Southeast Missouri Food Bank.

    Karen Green, CEO

    Southeast Missouri Food Bank

    600 State Highway H, Sikeston, MO

  • Since Cape Endodontics' beginning in 2009, CPU has been there right along our side, thus allowing us more valuable time to serve our patients better. Their payroll and record keeping services are top notch, and the entire support team is friendly and knowledgeable. Over the last two years we have also utilized their computer technical services and find them to be of the same high standards as their other services. Together we provide excellent service to the Heartland region.

    Dr. Jonathan J. Rhoades, Owner/Endodontist

    Cape Endodontics

    2502 Tanner Drive, Suite 203, Cape Girardeau, MO

  • We have worked with CPU for two years as our payroll service. We are experts at crafting a great mattress at a great price. CPU has done the same with payroll service. We can count on their trustworthy, dependable and timely service each week. The transition was seamless. We would recommend CPU to any business, small or large.

    Cindy Ahmed, Owner

    Campbell Mattress Company

    100 Minnesota Avenue, Cape Girardeau, MO

  • We started with CPU just this year, and WOW! All those things you dream of when you outsource, you actually get with CPU. I needed a way to complete our payroll processes without actually having to be in the office, and I also wanted to move to direct deposit. CPU is the best in the game at this, and my staff loves the online viewing, convenience of deposit, and continuous record of their paystubs. Everybody is happy…how often can you say that! MedStop One is a big fan of CPU!

    David Cantrell, Administrator

    MedStop One

    3065 William St., Ste 209, Cape Girardeau, MO

  • Wiethop Truck Sales is an international heavy and medium duty truck dealership celebrating over 60 years in business in Cape Girardeau. CPU has provided payroll services for us for many of these years. I have found that CPU provides very prompt, accurate, and dependable payroll services. With the advancement of technology and the computer, we turned to CPU for help in maintaining our information systems. They have been a great help over the years, providing computer installation and maintenance along with assistance with our internet and network connections. I would not hesitate to highly recommend CPU to anyone needing these type of services. We couldn’t ask for any better service!

    Kim G. Ridgon, General Manager

    Wiethop Truck Sales

    2350 Independence St, Cape Girardeau, MO

  • Here at Dutch Enterprises, we have been relying on CPU, Inc.’s computer/technical expertise for the last 5 years. Their technicians are always professional and very knowledgeable in their field. We can always count on CPU to respond in a timely manner and minimize any down time for our business during technical troubles. Our business relies heavily on our computers working properly and we feel secure in the knowledge that we can always call on CPU to help us when the need arises.

    Rob Janet, CEO

    Dutch Enterprises

    4832 Old Cape Rd E, Jackson, MO

  • CPU has processed payroll for Doctors Express since we opened in 2010. The payroll program is efficient and simple to use and the staff is always friendly and helpful. Our payroll is processed in a timely way and reporting is always accurate and complete. Our employees like the convenience of the online access to their payroll information. We are very pleased with the services provided by CPU for Doctors Express.

    Patty Schaefer, CPA

    Doctor's Express Urgent Care

    465 S. Mt Auburn Rd, Suite 103, Cape Girardeau, MO

  • We are pleased to be associated with CPU. We needed a network server upgrade and some new workstations in order for us to keep up with the demands of the business. CPU provided the right equipment and the technical knowledge we needed to ensure a stable network environment. Also, the backup system and the firewall they installed give us peace of mind that all of our data is secure.

    David Scherer, Comptroller

    Ole Hickory Pits

    333 Main St, Cape Girardeau, MO

  • CPU has provided payroll services for us for two years. CPU makes very complicated payroll situations seem simple. They take care of all our payroll details so that we can focus on what’s important...our students. It gives us peace of mind knowing that all our payroll and taxes are in good hands. We had phenomenal service right from the initial call, and the CPU team continues to support us so wonderfully.

    Russell Grammer, Executive Director

    Prodigy Leadership Academy

    1301 N Main Street, Cape Girardeau, MO

  • When Innovative Orthodontics opened the doors to a new Jackson office, CPU installed the computer system, networked with our Cape office, and also integrated new fingerprint ID software for ease of patient sign ins. They also installed the video software, enabling patients to view their records, x-rays, progress, and educational videos on procedures and hygiene. They provide service that is simple and a result that is seamless.

    Terry Spence, DDS, MDS

    Innovative Orthodontics

    2103 Broadway, Cape Girardaeau, MO and 404 S Hope, Jackson, MO

  • We at 36 have used CPU, Inc. since we opened and will continue to use them for their payroll services. CPU has provided excellent customer service, high-quality products, and service in a professional manner. They have been so supportive that we not only call them business associates, we call them friends. Thank you, CPU.

    Houston Sutton (Executive Chef) and Vanessa and John Eric Klein (Proprietors)

    36 Restaurant & Bar

    36. North Main Street, Cape Girardeau, MO